What Time Is It?

How do you know when it’s Boss time?

You know it’s Boss time when a notion deep inside tells you no other music will make you feel this good. Generally, it becomes a musical habit because the auditory portion of your brain signals Bruce with any rock and roll music.

There are several outward symptoms that you might not recognize right away but they have become obvious to your friends and loved ones. Here are a few:

  • Before you go on a trip, at the last minute you realize you need some road music and grab at your pile of CDs. When you get to your car, you realize they are mostly recordings of the Boss.
  • You already have great seats for the concert but you continue to work the lines to get better seats because that’s what you do.
  • When you arrive at home after a tough day at work and you have to stay in the car because the Boss is on the radio and the song isn’t finished yet.
  • You start to wonder just how long the Boss can stay touring in Europe.
  • All of your rock and roll tee shirts are from different Boss tours.
  • Your wife’s birthday lands on the same day as the Boss is playing a concert locally  – bonus birthday gift.
  • At work, when they refer to the CEO as “the boss” you think they’re talking about THE Boss.
  • You’re at a spouse’s friend’s party and you find out there are no Boss songs cued up. You consider leaving the party.
  • You secretly wish the Boss could be the Super Bowl Halftime house band
  • You swear you found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car.


Please feel free to send me any that I missed; I’m sure there are a lot more ways out there to tell when it’s Boss Time.