References—Sources and Suggested Reading Materials

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Magazine links to articles:

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Andrew Greeley’s website:

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Backstreets – the Springsteen newsletter:

The B Street Band:

Brucebase – links to his performances:

Jersey Shore Music – edited by Gary Wien, author of Beyond The Palace


Mikey didn’t like anything-original commercial:


Springsteen favorites on my bookshelf:

Born to Run, Dave Marsh, Thunder Mouth Press, 1979.

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Recommended Books—some Influenced the Boss

Related books I consider “Bruce roots” – either directly influencing Springsteen or a book that gains insight into his main songwriting themes (d) means directly (ind) indicates indirectly. Indirect influences help understand the underlying theme, and they might have been books the Boss read.

  American Rock ’n roll, John Rockwell,  [ especially chapter__ on R & R] (ind)

Born on the Fourth of July, Ron Kovic, New York, McGraw Hill, 1976

Bound for Glory, Woody Guthrie (d) −Woody Guthrie writes a touchstone folkie roots book that influenced musicians for the past 70 years. For people who enjoy reading stories about the passing of the musician torch this is an important work because Woody explains how he lit the torch.

Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck (d) –This tale harks back to the Great Depression and the dustbowl existence of the Okies and is a must read to understand the foundation of many of Bruce’s songs. For instance, Springsteen’s This Hard Land sounds like it tumbled out of the pages of this book along with some Oklahoma tumbleweed.

In Country (d) – This book, later a Bruce Willis movie, depicts man’s alienation from the modern world and alienation from a person’s culture and surroundings. The plot involves mobility, Viet Nam veterans and a child’s search to learn about her father, Her search takes her from Kentucky to the memorial in Washington. Bobbie Ann Mason is a huge Springsteen fan and draws inspiration for her writing from some of his songs. This is literary marinating where each intellect influences the other.

 Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl (ind) –Rock ’n roll fan or not, everyone needs to read this book to get an understanding of what life means. If you have not read this short book, you have no excuse for wandering about wondering about the meaning of life. Viktor Frankl came to this epiphany while in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II.

The Moviegoer, Walker Percy, New York, Knopf, 1961

 The River, A Good Man is Hard To Find, (d) Flannery O’Connor – and other short stories.  Flannery O’Connor (1923-1969) — In several interviews, Bruce mentions that her writing inspired him. If you take the time to read O’Connor you’ll understand the tone of the songs on The River. A darkness seems to hover over her short stories and it haunts many of Bruce’s songs.

Rock Family Trees, Peter Frame, Omnibus Press, 1993.

Why I Am Still A Catholic (ind) –Edited by Kevin and Marilyn Ryan, New York, Riverhead Books, Published by The Berkeley Publishing Group, a member of Penguin Putnam Inc, New York, NY, 1998. ― Great book for cradle Catholics. This book contains chapters by famous celebrities who explain why they always remained true to their Catholic faith. The piece by Andrew Greeley explains much of the ideas he presented in the 1988 America article that started the “Catholic” buzz about Bruce’s religious upbringing.  The rest of the book provides insight into the Baby Boomer “cradle” Catholics with essays by diverse celebrities like Maria Shriver, Mark Bavaro, Bob Cousy, Bowie Kuhn, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C, and Mario Andretti.

Wise Blood (d) –One of two Flannery O’Connor’s influential novels. This was made into a movie by the same title and was a huge influenced Bruce. Could have been one of the main books to brung the Boss over to the dark side.


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