The Bruce Man Cave

One Bruce fan lead me to another and then another and before you recite the Boss’s lineup on the Greetings Album, I was referred to a fan who has probably the ultimate Bruce man cave. The photo above is a composite because, being a cave, the lighting was a spur of the moment hazard and the one panoramic shot I took was fuzzy on one end and sharp on the other. But understand that Bruce, pictured there, is nearly life size and the mural takes an entire 25-foot wall. Note the door handle- they left the door ajar so you could see the white line of the frame near the Ferris wheel. What you can’t see is the many 3-D effects, such as Bruce’s diamond stud ear ring.

The mural is from the floor to an 8-foot ceiling. John Norjen is standing next to the Bruce end.That was Bruce when he was 43 years old, at the time the same age as John when his wife surprised him with the gift of the mural. The photo below was taken in June, 2016.IMG_0837

man cave main