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Latest Post – 12/8/2016

I will be adding posts to this as I come across new Boss sightings or events in the media or in the daily on-going saga of the Boss.

The Book Tour – 2/8/2016

When the Boss released his autobiography and we were told there would be a book tour with Bruce personally describing his writing process (and about his song-writing process) I thought there would be mob scenes at the tour venues. That didn’t happen. The book tour gathered crowds and were well attended when you compare to other best-seller writer tours. I’ve been at some embarrassingly small turnouts for books. Dan Rather comes to mind and he had the advantage of doing one at a book fair in New York and only had less than 50 people in attendance.

Having said all that, a good friend went to the event in New Jersey, and told me he had a great time. He said Bruce was fascinating to listen to ruce’s gravelly voice. Hey fans, all that criticism you’ve been taking because the Boss isn’t at the opera level of singing, you can now deflect partially by retorting that he has a great reading voice.

I will follow this post up with an interview with my friend which most likely will work its way into the first update I do to the book file. Eventually (sometime in 2017) I will be issuing a revised edition.